Jessica Bartlett

Jessica's practice is based on a drawing process and an interest in line on surface. The fine lines of the drawing are made through burning and melting the paint and canvas. She uses a tool with a fine tip, which heats up to a range of controllable temperatures. She says of this process, "The burning is interesting to me as it is creative through the destruction. It also has permanence, a scar like effect that can be seen as a metaphor for memory".

Jessica is interested in memory of place and in capturing a moment. "I configure my drawings from memory, photographs and found objects. I draw and redraw the scene or subject so that it becomes detached from the original.".

Jessica is based in BV Studios, Bristol. She graduated from Bath Spa in 2007 with a Ba (hons) in Fine Art. Since graduating Jessica has exhibited in Bristol, Bath and London. In 2007 she had work selected for the National Open Art Competition (previously the Chichester Open).

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They Came Here Before (Huers Hut), 2011 by Jessica Bartlett
Long Forgotten, 2011 by Jessica Bartlett
The Return, 2011 by Jessica Bartlett