Lyn Harradine

Drawing is vital as a practice to inform Lyn's work - she finds close observation of a subject allows a relationship with it. "I enjoy being in the open air to draw and paint. Printmaking will sometimes be a process which follows this".

Ideas often come to Lyn from being outside in the elements and in the landscape of both city and country. She is stimulated by sounds, scents, feelings, light, the pattern of shade, the rhythms of nature: all of which she says, "are sublime in their own right".

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Free Spirit by Lyn Harradine
Silver Birch in Ashton Court by Lyn Harradine
The Dream by Lyn Harradine
Seeds to the wind by Lyn Haradine
Through the Reeds by Lyn Harradine
Redland Church by Lyn Harradine