John Brooks

Throughout the 1960's John was a dedicated photographer of architecture and landscapes and perfected the process of developing and printing his own images. At the age of 21 he purchased his first Rollieflex, a departure from the single lens reflex cameras used by him previously. It was then that he experienced his "road to Damascus" and gained a new perspective, so to speak, of seeing composition, and for the first time in colour rather than monochrome. Over the next few years he experimented with colour and composition including a number of montage prints and multiple print compositions.

John had a number of solo exhibitions of his work in the 1970's, mainly in Bath and Bristol. In 1977 he was invited to exhibit at the "On Site" exhibition held at the new Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol alongside artists such as Richard Long and Jan Dibbets. Most recently his work had been exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy in both the spring and autumn exhibitions.

Over the last 30 years or so he has travelled extensively through North America, Europe, North Africa, Asia and Cuba, where he has created some unique and very interesting work based upon the local urban and rural landscapes of these regions. He still uses the Rolleiflex in addition to 5x4 plate cameras and digital cameras.

In Johns personal view photography is a challenging artform that stands on its merits of composition, tone and colour apart from the subject matter. The subject matter should accurately reflect the context of the location and make a statement. The finished work is not just decorative but should to provoke and inspire in addition to being an interesting or enjoyable visual experience.

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Death Valley cloud 1 by John Brooks
Death Valley cloud 2 by John Brooks
Death Valley cloud 3 by John Brooks
Salt Lake, Death Valley by John Brooks
Ancient Portal by John Brooks
Indian afternoon 4 by John Brooks
Peasant meal, Shaoguan by John Brooks
Wall of trees by John Brooks
Yew canopy by John Brooks
Westminster 3 by John Brooks
Stairway mattress by John Brooks
Red Fort ladder by John Brooks